If you think dieting at home is hard, go on holiday with your friends
while on a diet. There’s obviously the one cheat day you promise yourself is the last, the fast food binge… Before you put yourself together, you are back home feeling good about the retreat, but mad that you couldn’t diet. If you really want to stick to your plan without being a party-pooper, these tips will help.

  • Tag a bestie along

We all know the crazy that happens in out-of-town safaris with friends. Therefore, have a buddy come along. Preferably, choose someone who understands your dieting goals, so he/she can affably remind you when you stray.

  • Identify the temptation

When your friends suggest you pop in for some snacks at a fast food joint, of course you don’t expect steamed broccoli and all its healthy cousins. Make suggestions to your friends without being a killjoy.

  • Screen the itinerary before you commit

Recheck the itinerary, ask questions, and do some research about the destination. Does the hotel have fitness facilities at your disposal? Will you just eat and bask with no outdoor activity whatsoever? Does the meal plan accommodate your dieting goals? How many stops are there during the road trip, and are there restaurants along the way?

For example, food stops are in petrol stations,. In addition to fruits and water, the other food on sale is chicken and chips. Do not accost the tour leader for something you overlooked when planning the safari.

  • Pack your picnic food, snacks

If you think it’s difficult to say no to a packet of potato crisps, trying saying no when you have nothing else to eat and there’s no shop nearby. Hence, pack healthy alternatives. When a friend hands you a snack, just say “no, thank you” with a smile and dig into your stash of healthy snacks.

  • Be a rabbit for once in your life

So you walk into a hotel’s dining room and the buffet is a rainbow of colours and flavours. What do you do? Fill up your plate with vegetables and fruits so that as you amble along towards desserts, you won’t have any room on your plate for desserts.

  • When you overindulge, burn more

At times, Eve’s dangling apple is a platter of honey glazed chicken drumsticks or a piece or fresh fruit cake on your friend’s plate. How do you say no to that, dear human? I wish you all the best. But if you succumb, and ask your friend for a bite, don’t spend the rest of the evening choking hoping you will throw up. Instead, burn the damn calories in the gym. After dinner, retreat to the hotel’s gym, or to the swimming pool. A day’s indulgence may have no effect, but when it becomes a habit, exercise.

  • Do not conform

You went on a diet for you not for your friends. After the holiday is over, you will either go back home satisfied that you stuck to your diet or waddle to your doorstep a few kgs heavier. Choose!

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