Kenya’s main international airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), is situated in Nairobi. From there, you can fly to major cities like Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu. Another airport in Nairobi, Wilson Airport, serves airlines heading to Diani Beach, Maasai Mara, Lamu Island, Nanyuki and Amboseli.


Fine dining
Game viewing
Historic city tour
Art & cultural festivals
Enjoying African cuisine
Zumba & African dances
Curio shopping



Nairobi Arboretum – The Nairobi Arboretum is one of the few green spaces in Nairobi. This serene city park was founded in 1907 to meet the demand for fuelwood during the construction of the Kenya-Uganda railway. What was achieved in the end was an all-inclusive collection of both indigenous and exotic trees. The Arboretum currently has over 350 tree species, and it is home to more than 100 bird species. Additionally, it has a variety of small mammals, insects and reptiles. It is well known for the vervet and Sykes’ monkeys.
The more than 30 hectares of tranquil forest is only 3km from the city centre, and it is easily accessible through public and private transport.


Bomas of Kenya – Bomas of Kenya offers a snapshot of Kenya’s culture set up through a series of homesteads belonging to various ethnic groups. This 1971 attraction is less than 12km from Nairobi’s city centre, close to Nairobi National Park. It is easily accessible via public and private transport.
The cultural villages are set up as traditional houses or huts each matching the architectural style of the traditional tribe it references. Additionally, the Bomas of Kenya holds weekly tribal cultural shows that showcase traditional music, recitals, exhibitions, seminars, theatre, fashion, traditional dances and acrobatics. The site also has one of the largest auditoriums in Africa; the theatre can hold about 3,500 people. The Bomas of Kenya is home to internationally recognised Harambee dancers. Head to the Bomas to watch a selection of thirty different traditional dancers performed daily, the most impressive being dances by Samburu and Maasai warriors.
Still on location, enjoy meals, as diverse as the tribes of Kenya, at the Utamaduni Restaurant.


David Shedrick – This wildlife conservation runs a dedicated orphanage for elephants and rhinos and reintegrates these orphans back into the wild. The trust is located about 17km from Nairobi, in Nairobi National Park.It is open for an hour on Saturday, from 11am to noon. During this time, the elephants are given their daily mud bath, and visitors can participate in feeding them.
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rears elephants from infancy and allows individuals to foster an orphaned elephant via donations to the trust, at a minimum of 50USD per year. A foster receives news about the orphan’s progress and memorabilia.



The Giraffe Centre  This breeding sanctuary for Rothschild giraffes is about 5km from the city centre..
Karen Blixen Museum  Karen Blixen Museum was the setting of the famed memoir Out of Africa and the book Shadows of the Grass by Karen Blixen.
Nairobi Railway Museum  The exhibits include the first locomotives used in the Kenya-Uganda Railway.
The Kenya National Archives  Documents, pictures and other exhibits you’ll find here tell the story of Kenya’s struggle for independence.

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