About Me


I go for hikes as often as possible. I love adventures that promise miles of untouched hills and valleys. Road trips also excite me. That’s why I say life needs boots and rucksacks. Well, not a backpack because you need extra pockets for wild berries and chew sticks, and petals to dry as bookmarks.

Sometimes, I travel solo. At other times, I go for group road trips because they are frugal and lively.

Mountains fascinate me. I look forward to every hiking weekend to smooch clouds on a foggy Saturday morning, or to enjoy soggy sandwiches under the blistering Equator sun. In addition to hills and mountains, I love African festivals & African food.

Therefore, mountains, hills, African cuisine & culture are the main topics on this editorial content blog. Yes, as a journalist, I want to inform you about my continent and it’s beauty. God willing, after I explore East Africa, I’m taking my boots and rucksack around the rest of the continent.